20 Fitness Tips for Working-Women and House Wife

The present modern world is so busy that no one has time to do some physical exercise due to lack of time. However, it is possible to do some physical activity by setting up of best home gym. There is best home gym equipment available in the fitness market. Before deciding to purchase, you can refer to some home gym reviews in the fitness world through online or in fitness magazines. Setting up of home gym will definitely keep you active and healthy by a one-hour daily warming up and general workouts. The main important is to consult with a physician and do gym work.

1# Daily warm up with Empty Stomach

The daily warming up for 20-30 minutes is most beneficial to all ages of womanhood. Since, warming up by jogging and morning walks will definitely improves your blood circulation and burns few fats in your body.

2# Stretching Exercise for Women

The daily stretching exercise will enable you to be active. After mild warm up stretching up of legs, arms and bent down will relax your muscles. They also do burn extra fats. However, stretching exercise will be painful in the beginning but it will go easy when doing it regularly.


3# Keep away from Junk Food

Maximum try to avoid junk foods. These are having rich carbohydrate, which is the main cause of major health issues in women. These are also having harmful chemicals, which will cause many health hazards.

4# set up a Home Gym

If you are a working-women or a homemaker, it is advisable to set a best home gym. There are many best home gym equipment specially designed for home use. You can also go through the home gym reviews in online publication.

5# Make use of Corporate Fitness in your Office

If you are working-women in corporate companies, you can find fitness gym within your office premises. It is advisable to do some physical activity, when you feel tired. It is also best for women working in different time zone to make use of office gym.

6# Record your Physical Details

If you have a best home gym and best home gym equipment, it will be incomplete without measuring tape and scales. There are many physical activity-measuring gadgets available in the market, which will show the heartbeat, blood sugar level, blood pressure level and speed of your movements. These are watch like gadgets easy to wear on wrist and waist areas.


7# Avoid Iron Pumping in Gym by Women

It is always good to take lightweight for better tuning of muscles. However, many women do iron pumping for burning fats. Moreover, if you are concerned about your beauty always take mild weights. Since, a masculine body may not look attractive and it is up to personal decision.

8# Never do Excessive Workouts

If you are concerned about your body to look in shape, a daily one hour work out is enough. Only who wish for masculine body can do excessive workouts.

9# Avoid Drinking of Water in-between Workouts

It is advisable to drink water when your home gym activities are over. In-between drinking of water will make you sudden un comfortless similar to vomiting when you perform workouts with bent mode and lying on your stomach side.

10# Always keep a Good Company in Gym

It will be helpful to you to get some support from your family members while in gym. It will be assist ful in taking weights and keeping it down safely.

11# A Good Sleep is best for Healthy Body

Nearly 8 to 12 hours of sleep is daily required to be fit and healthy. It is also advisable to do gym activity in the morning at least an 8 hours of sleep. Never be in a getting early and do gym by reducing your sleep hours.

12# Consult with your Physician monthly

When you are having the best home gym and using the best home gym equipment for daily workout, it is advisable to consult with your physician monthly once. Since, he can check you height, weight and explain the improvement with BMI index.


13# Avoid Aerated Beverages

Never tempt to drink aerated drinks. These are having harmful preservatives and carbs, which are harmful for health. Since, many people take these aerated drinks soon after gym activity is over.

14# Avoid Carb Foods

The food rich in carbohydrate will naturally develop fats under your skin. Try to avoid this car food, which are mostly present in ice creams and bakery items.

15# Consume Protein Rich Foods

The proteins are good for health; these are mostly present in seafood’s, egg, vegetables and spices.

16# Make a Habit of Drinking more Water

The water is elixir of life and drinking 4 – 6 liters of water after food and in between time will keep you healthy.

17# Do Special Workouts after Consultation

Mostly womanhood try to burn excess fats, either there are many workouts for obese women. Do go through home gym reviews and do consult with a certified fitness professional before doing it yourself.

beautiful woman with the red boxing gloves, studio shot

18# Get Trained of how to do Gym Work Outs

When you use a best home gym and best home gym equipment, it will shape you when you use it properly. If you have been train in a fitness center, it is well and good. Otherwise, get the help of a fitness professional to learn these workouts. There are also many home gym reviews online to assist you.

19# Never Go for Alternative Remedies to Reduce Body Weight

There are many alternative medicines and therapies coming in various packages. It will only make loose of your money and never lose your weight. Doing physical activity only reduce your fats, which will result in loss of weight. Either setting up a home gym is the best way to reduce weight for obese people.

20# First Aid Kit in a Home Gym

Having the latest in home-fitness gym equipment is incomplete without a First aid Kit. The general pain relievers and bandage kits are necessary in a gym for timely relief in case of damages caused due to uncertainty while in gym.