Versatile use Gym Equipment for Home

Many are looking for versatile use gym equipment for home gym purpose. This is due to low space availability to set a home gym. With keeping the eye on latest modern homes and less space availability, there are many fitness equipment manufacturer adopt to innovative in sleek and trendy fitness equipment. The Weider Ultimate Body Works is one of such gym equipment, which is flexible to use in any corner of your homes. These are available in the nearest fitness equipment shops and in online Shoppe too. The fitness shops nearby you will give discounts and offers only in season time. However, the online purchase gives you lot of offer and discounts. They also provide you free shipment after certain amount of purchase. There are very good service and these fitness equipment comes with warranty.

Main features of Weider Ultimate Body Works

Sleek and Slim Model: Its frames are trendy and made out of commercial Steel. It is lightweight and looks as modern equipment. Its black color is very attractive.

Flexible for Use: It comes with many adjustable crews and slots making it more convenient to do multi workouts.

Rope Assistance: It has two-rope assistance fit with two grip handles to do versatile workouts with laden body weight.

Workout Proportion to Body Weight: This is the very important feature of Weider Ultimate Body Works. Instead of iron pumping, which needs multi level weights and you need an assistance to put those weights on either side do workouts. The latest Weider Ultimate Body Works uses the body-laden weight for all workouts. When you pull or push with your own body weight, it will create and overall energy and pressure to the right proportion within your body. Doing such workout in this equipment will lead to correct tone up of your muscle.

Bicep Workouts: You can sit on this latest equipment on the body rest pad and do bicep comfortably with pulling the rope with your body laden weight. This is more convenient to use since you are hands are the master to pull your body to the maximum. When you leave the rest pad rolls down automatically without making mush noise.


Workout Squat: It is more convenient to do squat in back laying mode with the use of your legs on the footpad. All you have to do is raise up and down of the body while on rest pad, which rolls on the inclined beam. This is the easiest way to do squat, as you will not feel tired when you back are having a cushion support from the body rest pad.

Workout for Shoulder: Its rope pulling is an excellent way to do all shoulder exercise. This is flexible to move in all positions and you can even turn and adjust your body to the convenient manners. The shoulder workout is possible by standing, sitting and by lying down on the back and towards the chest position. In this way, it helps to shape up the upper and lower portion of your body flexible. You will not feel tired soon and love to do more number of workouts.